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Welcome to my Mercedes-Benz website.

I created this website in order to explore and share the world of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. I just recently (as of the creation of this website) purchased a 1979 300SD Mercedes-Benz, and fell in love with the car, and the institution. It was my first Mercedes, and it won't be my last.

I admire intelligence, skill, art, craft, precision, and care; and I believe that Mercedes-Benz instills all of those qualities into their products. The company may have had its ups and downs, as we all do in life, but I believe those values are still respected and idealized at Mercedes-Benz, even when management wants to do less. Good engineering is proven when the rubber meets the road, not on the stock market. So there ya go.

"Having a role model helps. Being a role model compels."
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