Saturday, 2023-01-28
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The transmission on my car is a 722.120. It runs fine right now. I have had one case of slippage - it happened twice within 5 minutes, while city driving a week ago. It has not happened before nor since.

There is too much fluid in it, so that needs to be removed.

Some bushings are missing, and the control rod needs adjustment. So, here is the checklist:

  • Siphon out excess transmission fluid
  • Purchase car jack and stands
  • Purchase and install bushings
  • Adjust throttle linkage
  • Purchase Service Manual for this transmission
  • Do a complete analysis of gear ratios, speeds, shifting points and RPMs
  • Fix tachometer (it is intermittent)
  • Adjust control pressure rod linkage
  • Purchase new dipstick
  • Perform a complete transmission flush and filter change (later this year).

The goal is to have all of this done by June 1st. Then, I can do the DIY transmission flush/filter change.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bleed for Me

Today I tried to siphon out the extra fluid. It was 30 degrees with scant sunlight, and the ATF moved like molasses. I got a total of 2 oz. out, then called it quits because the sun was setting.

Today I bought a hand-pump at Wal-Mart,

and it just did not work at all for me. So I then found some plastic tubing in my shed, washed it off, cut fresh ends and making sure there was no loose plastic from the cuts, just sucked it out with my mouth the old-fashioned way. It reminded me of dialysis!

The fluid was a drip-drip into the recycled spaghetti sauce jar,

so I just pulled it out and blew everything in the tube into the jar. The total I got out was a little over 2 oz.

I re-checked the fluid level and it did not seem to make much of a difference at all - maybe a few mm on the dipstick.

I will try to get more out tomorrow, but I think my best bet is to get a real fluid pump and get it over with.

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