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Main » 2012 » October » 15 » Remove manifold
5:09 AM
Remove manifold

I am removing the intake manifold in order to make a sale. Since I have a seized engine sitting in my green car, this would be a good way to put it to use.

There she is.

So, let's get out the manual ....

... and turn to the proper section, Group 14: "Removal and installation of intake manifold, replacement of gasket," job 450.

The intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and turbo charger all come off together.

First thing to do is to remove the air filter housing. This was tricky, as the air filter was completely tight, and unable to be removed by hand. I don't know if it was the wrong size, or just melded to the housing over time. I had to stick a wrench in the sides of it and pry it off.

The housing looks good, though. I think I might put it on my daily driver, because I did notice that in my daily driver, the center ring is dented in - and now I know why. Whomever tried to remove the air filter pried it out, like I was getting ready to on this one. But I decided to damage the old, dirty air filter instead of damaging the air filter housing. Smart move.

The air filter housing brace was a real bear to get off. It has a nut underneath that can only be reached by an extension.

Once that came off, we were ready to begin removing oil lines, wires, tubes, and such.

Once I got all the fastening nuts off, which are pretty much in a straight line along the top of the manifold (with one or two buried in oil), I had a lot of play, and it seemed like it was ready to come off. But something was holding it that I could not see - and the pic in the manual looks nothing like what I found it to be. A "supporting bracket" which can only be reached by climbing under the car.

I don't have much leverage with my wrench, so I just sprayed some penetrant on it and called it a day. I'll be getting under the car tomorrow to see if I can finish the job.

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